Cobalt Radiotherapy Unit - Bhabhatron II

Bhabhatron II, 4th generation cobalt Unit. The latest Bhabhatron II has a best in class provision to carry out 3D Conformal treatment technique.


Bhabhatron II is equipped with enhanced features like motorized wedge, auto-setup, asymmetric collimation, computer console, advanced radiolucent patient couch, R&V compatibility, electromechanical and software based anti-collision device, auto-closure mechanism during emergency and remote diagnostic facility to assist proactive maintenance schedule.

Its radiolucent couch design, without any metallic part is especially made with a view not to obstruct radiation beams, makes Bhabhatron II an ideal cobalt teletherapy unit for implementing arc therapy and non-coplanar beam based treatment plans for better treatment outcome.


Bhabhatron-II addresses an important attribute in treating cancer patients, ensuring focused & precisely targeted treatment.
Bhabhatron-II provides,
  • Effective, promising, unsurpassed service.
  • Delivers the most advanced treatment.
  • Delivers personalized and efficiently administered patient care.
  • Wide range of features.
  • Comprehensive solution to oncologists to make the best treatment decision.
  • Safe and effective treatment through integration of hardware and intuitive software.
Salient Features: Source Head, Safe and Future ready, Capacity up to 250RMM of cobalt-60.
Treatment Couch:
  • Fully Motorized
  • Pit mounted iso-centric treatment couch with 4 motorized motions
  • Vertical
  • Longitudinal
  • Lateral
  • Iso-centric
  • Indexed fiber couch top helps accurate and repeatable patient positioning.
Fully closable collimator for radiation safety in case of emergency.
Automation allows complete control over the treatment and operational parameters.
Intuitive and simple workflow that adapts easily to the department's processes.
Intuitive, Secure and Easy control system
  • Real time computerized control consol with redundant power backup ensuring uninterrupted treatment. 
  • User-friendly Software interface.
  • Precise screen displays of all treatment parameters.
  • On-screen display of all the activities of treatment.
  • CCTV helps to monitor the entire treatment process.
Bhabhatron comes with several in-built features that ensures complete safety of the patient during treatment.
  • Automatic Collimator Closure: Ensures no exposure to unwanted radiation to patients and clinical staff.
  • Emergency Stop Switch: Stops the machine operation and withdraws the source to the shielded position.
  • Treatment Room Door Interlock: Ensures radiation emission only in the closed and secured environment.
  • Air-Pressure Interlock: Withdraws the source to shielded position when air pressure reaches below a preset limit.
  • Anti-Collision Device: Avoids colliding of gantry with patient and couch.
  • Gantry Motion Interlock: Terminates the treatment immediately and interlocks the Gantry movement on detection of its break down.         
Salient Innovation of BHABHATRON-II
  • Source Head Capacity: 250 RMM
  • Minimum Collimator 3x3cm at 80cm Iso-centre
  • Maximum Collimator Field Size 35x35 cm
  • Safety Interlock System
  • Automatic Collimator closure
  • Arc Treatment
  • Dual Speed motions
  • Auto set up of collimator
  • 8 Hrs Battery backup
  • Computerized Control Console
  • Patient Image display in the control console
  • Auto collision detection
  • wedge sensing
  • Iso-wedge: computerized motorized wedge
  • Super Iso-Wedge
  • Asymmetric Collimator