Flat Panel Radiotherapy Simulator - IMAGIN

Imagin simulator is used for localization of treatment areas and for verification of treatment plans prior to starting treatment. Therapy Simulator helps in localizing the radiation port onto target tumor location and give a quality assured radiotherapy for better treatment outcome. IMAGIN has advanced CBCT Imaging capability for accurate image acquisition and reconstruction in one gantry rotation.


Panacea provides clients an excellent means of radiation therapy simulation prior to actual treatment through the latest state of art Imagin.
IMAGIN provides
  • Precise, efficient, automated and promising invincible service and convenience.
  •  Effective and efficient simulation using advanced technology.
  • Integrated X-ray generator and image intensifier provides best quality images.
  • Images both in radiotherapy and fluoroscopy modes.
  • Simulation environment with great safety and record maintenance.
  • Reliable system for cancer patient treatment plan and verification.
  • Delivers personalized patient care and administration efficiencies.
Salient Features:
  • Asymmetric Collimator: jaws moves in both in asymmetric and symmetric modes.
  • Field Delineating Wires: for clarity in light and radiography fields.
  • FAD: Wide focus to Axis distance of 80 to 120cm to cover all therapy machines.
  • Digital radiography: High resolution images with minimum dose to patient.
  • Digital fluoroscopy: fluoroscopic mode is used to view Real-time image of the moving organs and Foot switch control at the control consol.
  • Versatile Patient Support:
    • Fully motorized, pit mounted iso-centric patient support couch.
    • Couch with 4 motorized Motion-longitudinal, lateral, vertical and iso-centric rotation.
    • Table top with Carbon Fiber with Radio-lucent.
  • High Frequency Generator for low ripple image and High quality image with low dose to patients.
Imaging Unit:
  • Radiological Imaging Unit provides
    • 43x43cm Amorphous silicon Flat panel detector to visualize anatomical structures by converting a pattern of X-radiation into a visible image through electronic amplification
    • 2874x2840 pixel.
    • 30 frames per sec
  • Allows image acquisition and display of undistorted live images.
  • Integrated Digital Imaging Capability and Storage.
  • On screen display of all the processes and enhanced security by selective access to the operation.
  • Database to store the images and software for manipulating and comparing images.
  • Rendered volume at different angle.
  • Connectivity with other teletherapy Units and TPS.
  • Emergency Interlock: stops the radiation exposure and simulation immediately on unlikely event.
  • Anti-collision software-to avoid collision of moving parts.
  • Treatment door interlock: ensures simulation only in closed environment.
  • Key interlock: prevents the unauthorized person from operating the equipment.
  • X-ray interlock: terminates the exposure on misbehavior of x-ray generator.