Digital Mammography Unit - LILAC

For the women we care, panacea has developed a state-of-art technology which is ERGONOMIC, User friendly & Compact Design with following capabilities


Recognizing that women come in different sizes, Panacea has designed larger detector of Dimension 24 x 30 cm to obtain high resolution images with 75µm and high Detector quantum efficiency (DQE). Predefined field size enables the user to obtain images at single exposure per view for different sizes and shapes.


  • LILAC offers Full field Digital mammography with highest image resolution with reduced radiation dose. Screening and diagnostic procedures on standing, seated or recumbent patients
  • +180 to -140 gantry angle positioning
  • 12 automated mammographic positions
  • A revolutionary screening and diagnostic tool designed for early detection of breast cancer that can be done in conjunction with a digital mammogram.
  • Wide angle Tomosynthesis with higher diagnostic quality image and smooth & safe compression Versatile access to lesions with lateral and vertical approaches and a wide range of positioning angles (-90° to +90°).
  • LILAC offers the latest advances in technology making it ideal for classification for calcifications, lesions and tumors. Breast Lesions detected by mammography are efficiently biopsied percutaneously with precise needles.
  • Mammography/Tomosynthesis/Combo (2D+3D)
  • Chest-wall/Nipple Alignment/Skin-line Detection
  • Single click Hanging Protocol Auto Image Pair (AIP)
  • Auto Fetching of prior studies
  • Auto Image enhancement
  • Highlighted ROI Enhancement
  • Synchronized Multiple Zoom/Pan
  • Multiple monitors with aesthetic Touch-Pad/Touch-Screen for better User Experience
  • Integrated PACS and CAD
  • Safety interlock system for pressure controlling.
  • Emergency switch to turn off the machine in the unlikely event of any emergency.